Summer officially ends Friday afternoon, and it doesn’t appear that it is putting up much of a fight. Rain and snow showers (snow level down to the upper foothills) could last into Friday morning, but things will dry out as we go through the day, and mostly sunny conditions will carry us through the weekend. A high temperature near 60 on Friday will warm to the mid-60s Saturday and will likely reach the 70s Sunday or Monday. Summer may try and make a comeback late next week, with a return to the low 80s possible.

Balloon races

I don’t know how many of you had the chance to get over to Rancho San Rafael Park for the Great Reno Balloon Races earlier this month, but it was pretty spectacular. Images of hot air balloons soaring cause might some to wonder just how the darn things can get off the ground in the first place. Most everybody knows that hot air rises. But why? Well, because it’s lighter than cold air is the “Well…duh!” response. But have you ever wondered why it’s lighter?

Tune in tomorrow for an answer.