A building ridge of high pressure will keep our skies sunny and our temperatures rising through the end of the work week. Winds will be generally light in the morning with an east breeze coming up in the afternoon. High temperatures will rise to the mid-70s Wednesday and should land on the 80 degree mark by Friday before falling back to the lower 70s by Sunday.


So how does buoyance work? Fluid dynamics insist that the pressure around any submerged body presses in from all sides… and also pushes out from the inside. It’s the difference between these forces that determine whether the object floats, sinks or stays where it is. If an object is lighter than the volume it displaces, the overall force pushing up under it will be greater than that pushing down, and it will move upward.


Tom Ballow, author of the book “The New Science of Flight and Movement”, has another way of looking at it. He explains a floating balloon by saying that gravity is pulling down on both the balloon and the air around it. Since the balloon is less dense, the gravity pulls down less on it, and it rises relative to the air surrounding it.

Not a bad way of looking at it.