While there is a dry cold front coming through the region that will bring us a few clouds and cool us off over the weekend, it doesn’t look like we will see anything but shade out of those clouds. Friday will turn breezy in the afternoon, and high temperatures will top out near 80 degrees with some cloudiness. By the weekend, the clouds should clear out and high temperatures will fall back to the mid-70s, and then continue to slide into the 60s for the first half of the work week. While it won’t be as cool as our last day of summer, it will feel fall-like.

Fall Leaves

I mentioned the last day of summer. For those of you keeping score at home, last Friday at 1:20 pm our time, summer officially ended and fall began. What is so magical about that exact moment? Technically, it is the moment of the autumnal equinox. Or if you prefer an ever geekier definition, it is the moment the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator… the sun having a southerly motion. (When the sun has a northerly motion and crosses the ecliptic, that’s the spring equinox.)


I realize that this may peg the “Huh?” meter for most of you. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what it all means.