It’s a pretty simple forecast over the next few days, as a building ridge of high pressure will keep our skies sunny and our temperatures rising through the middle of the weekend. Thursday’s high will approach 70 degrees, Friday should see mid-70s, and we should peak Saturday in the low 80s. A dry cold front late Saturday will drop our highs back into the low-70s Sunday (with gusty winds)  and they will continue to fall into the 60s the first of the next work week, although a dry airmass should keep our skies clear.

boat on a lake

Here’s a brain teaser: “There is a man with a rock in a boat on a lake. If the man throws the rock overboard, does the lake level; a) rise, b) fall, or c) stay the same?”

Try to come up with an answer before you read on… OK, how’d you do?

Since the rock is denser than water, it will displace more water when it is in the boat than when it is on the bottom of the lake, so the water level in the lake should drop (as the boat rises) when you chuck the rock overboard. Unless of course the rock was pumice (which floats)… in which case the water level would stay the same.

row the boat