Temperatures will peak across western Nevada Saturday as an approaching dry cold front will give us a little southwest breeze in the afternoon. High temperatures are expected to peak in the low 80s in Reno. The previously mentioned cold front will move through the region Sunday Morning, kicking up some gusty winds and dropping our high temperatures by 15-20 degrees by Sunday afternoon (mid-60s.) Monday will still be sunny with cool highs in the low 60s, and some freezing temperatures will come back through the first half of next week.


Hurricane Irma before making landfall in Florida

I’m not sure if this is some kind of Karmic payback, but for a guy who lives in the high desert, I’ve sure had some problems with hurricanes and tropical storms lately. Back in September, my family and I were trying to fly to Ecuador, initially through Miami and then through Atlanta. Hurricane Irma came along and cancelled those flights.


This weekend, I’ll be flying to Cancun, and as I write this, Tropical Storm Nate is knocking on its door. While I am getting more optimistic the airport will be open by the time I get there, I suspect vacation companies will soon start offering to pay me not to come.