After a chilly week, things will continue to warm up as we go through the majority of this week. A broad ridge of high pressure will keep our skies mostly clear, with a few Tuesday clouds here and there, and will send our high temperatures into the upper 70s by the afternoon. Sunshine reappears Wednesday with similar temperatures. Late Thursday into Friday a storm system will move into the area, bringing some clouds, wind and a decent chance of rain showers on Friday, and will drop the high a good 15-20 degrees, before things clear out and warm back up over the weekend.

Fall Leaves

So far, the fall colors are popping out and by all accounts it looks like it’s a very good year, chromatically speaking. Experts tell me we can probably attribute this to our wet winter. All that water has vastly improved not only our water supply, but had also markedly improved the health of the trees, both deciduous and evergreen varieties. So why does that make the colors better? It makes more sense when you understand why leaves change color to begin with. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow.