Our skies will begin to cloud up tomorrow, and strong winds will blow into the area as a cold front passes through the region. A Wind Advisory will be in effect from Thursday afternoon until early Friday morning with valley gusts as high as 40 mph likely late in the day. The front will bring showers of rain to the mountains late Thursday, and snow levels could drop from about 10,000’ to as low as Lake Tahoe by Friday morning. Thanks to the strong winds, the western Nevada valleys will likely be shadowed out from most of the rain, although a few showers on the west side are a possibility, mainly Late Thursday into early Friday morning.

Temperatures will plunge from the low 70s Thursday to the 50s Friday, before rebounding to the 60s and 70s over the weekend.


Winds are always a hot meteorological topic in our neck of the woods. Steve asks: Winds should move from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. If that premise is correct, when winter low pressure approaches from the west brining in storms, why doesn’t the wind come from the high pressure areas in the east and move west? From my experience, the winds blow in the opposite direction (from west to east) during winter storms.” He asks a great question, and I’ll answer tomorrow.