It’s an up and down weather story this week. Tuesday will put us in between storm systems with partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures near 60 in Reno. A stronger storm system is moving into the region Wednesday, kicking up gusty winds and bringing some mountain rain and snow with valley rain. The mountains will catch enough, with snow levels that will lower to below pass level, so that a Winter Storm Watch has been posted for the mountains from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. The winds will once again create a significant rain shadow for the valley, but there should be some spillover Wednesday afternoon into Thursday, especially on the west side of the valley. Temperatures will start out at about 60 degrees on Tuesday and will drop just a few degrees to the upper 50s on Wednesday before falling to the lower 50s through the end of the work week.

The weekend should clear out with a dry Saturday (with mild high temperatures near 60) before another weak to moderate storm system moves through the area late Sunday.