Another strong and windy winter storm is setting up to move through the region Wednesday and Thursday. Initially in the valley, strong winds (valley gusts could exceed 60 mph in some areas and a High Wind Warning is in place starting 10 am Wednesday) will limit how much rainfall we get due to a strong rain shadow, but late in the day as the front passes through we should get some spillover rain here in the valley as the winds back off a bit and extra moisture from an Atmospheric River gets pumped into the system. Snow levels in the mountains will start out at about 7,000’ and will likely rise through the day Wednesday to 8,000’ or higher before falling back down to Lake Tahoe level by Thursday. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect from Wednesday afternoon through late Thursday night.

With the input of the Atmospheric River, total precipitation amounts are likely to be very impressive. Several inches of water will fall in the form of rain and snow on the crests, and snowfall totals could range from an inch or so at the lake to two to three feet above the 8,000 foot level.