After receiving more than a month’s worth of precipitation in less than 24 hours, things will begin to calm down and clear up as we head into the weekend. After some scattered showers into early Friday morning, our skies will break up in the Reno area with a few snow showers left up in the mountains through Friday morning. A chilly high in the 40s on Friday for Reno will warm to the 50s on Saturday with sunny skies coming back. Saturday will start off cold with valley lows dropping to the mid-20s at the warmest, with some of the outlying valleys possible cooling to the teens. Saturday’s sunshine will give way to some clouds on Sunday, and then a series of weak storms that could send an isolated shower or two our way, but doesn’t appear to have any major storms in it before the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

snow totals

If you are wondering, some of the rainfall totals were very impressive, ranging from over 6 inches at Blue Canyon to nearly an inch at the Reno Airport (probably the driest spot around.) Some places in the valley (both Lakeview and Cold Springs) had 24 hour totals that haven’t been seen for 30 years. High up in the mountains, some areas piled up over three feet of snow, a boon to early opening plans.