As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, it looks like the old adage that we just have to have some kind of weather sometime over this particular holiday weekend will hold true. Saturday will be warm and dry, although the wind will likely pick up in the afternoon, gusting to the 30s by late in the day. High temperatures could reach 70 degrees…not that far from record level. That wind will increase in strength on Sunday (a High Wind Watch is in effect for that time period) and rain will move into the mountains, with some spillover rain to the valley late Sunday into Monday morning. Snow levels will start out very high (around 9,000’) Sunday, and will lower Sunday night to Lake Tahoe level, and could drop close to the valley floors on Monday, although accumulations aren’t expected until you get up about 1,000’ off the valley floor. Conditions will dry out after a good chance of rain and snow on Monday. Temperatures will fall to the mid-60s on Sunday and then all the way to the low 50s to upper 40s through most of next week.