As we head into the weekend, the mild weather that we’ve had to finish off November will give way to a more wintry feel, and a couple of snow showers on Sunday aren’t out of the question. For Saturday, clouds will increase late in the day, and winds will pick up ahead of a cold front which will bring some mountain snow overnight. Snow amounts in the mountains are going to be modest, with the passes possibly getting a few inches out of the deal. The front passes through the region dropping snow levels down to the valley sometime Sunday morning. By that time there won’t be a lot of moisture left, so I don’t anticipate any valley accumulations.


The one wild card in the mix is the possibility of getting some Lake Effect snowfall off the southeast corners of Tahoe and Pyramid as the cold air passes over the large bodies of water. It’s not likely there will be a lot of that, but there is a slight chance that could occur.

For the rest of the week, valley inversions will combine with sunny skies to create hazy conditions with morning lows in the upper teens to low 20s.