Strong high pressure over our area will keep our dry and hazy conditions in place through the rest of the work week. Cold air inversions will keep our high temperatures in the upper 40s in the valleys, while the mountains could climb into the low 50s. As the week progresses, the inversions will weaken and our temperatures could climb into the low 50s by Thursday. On Friday, a weak cold front passing through the Pacific Northwest has a chance of breaking the inversion down here, but it is possible it will be too weak to do so. Temperatures should climb well into the 50s over the weekend, but the dry weather will continue.

Nevada Desert

Vicki writes: “We have lived in Reno since 1982 moving here from central Arizona (Prescott), about the same elevation as Reno.  I didn’t think there would be much difference in the humidity between the 2 states, but it seems there is.  I believe I heard once that Nevada is the “driest” of all 50 states. Is that true?”

Indeed it is. There are a couple of ways a state can earn that title: First by the least overall precipitation, and second by the lowest humidity. In our case, Nevada probably wins by either definition. Checking rainfall totals certainly puts Nevada in the driest state category. As for humidity, while Arizona is still pretty dry, they do get more of a monsoonal flow in the summertime, and their humidities are higher as a result.