We have one more day of hazy conditions as a chilly cold front drops down out of the north late Friday night helping to clear out the inversions. On Friday, the day will start sunny but hazy, with some clouds moving in late in the day. Winds won’t be real strong, but they should be enough to knock out the inversions and clear out the haze.


The real wildcard is if an inside slider storm develops. Sliders are notoriously hard to predict, and the models aren’t making this system very cut and dry either. But there is about a 20% chance that some rain and snow could develop over Reno between midnight and sunrise. While accumulations are unlikely, sliders have been known to throw in surprise buildups, so while it is unlikely to happen, an inch or two would not be impossible. Regardless, the skies should clear over western Nevada before the afternoon.

Temperatures will drop from the mid-50s on Friday to the mid-40s Saturday, and will slowly rebound to the low-50s by the beginning of next week. Our next chance for some rain and/or snow comes in on Wednesday.