After a quick passage of an inside slider type of storm (that only has a slight chance of producing precipitation in the Reno area, but has a better chance of putting down some snow to our south), our skies should clear out this weekend with some chilly temperatures left behind. Reno’s high will struggle to get to 40 degrees, with Sunday morning’s low dropping back to the low 20s and teens. Temperatures gradually warm back to the mid-50s by Tuesday before another similar storm moves through the region with mainly valley rain and snow showers on Wednesday.

Fall through the ice 1

With the cold weather, there is always a temptation to walk (or skate) on some of the frozen ponds or lakes in the area. I don’t recommend it. But what should you do if the worst happens, and you fall through the ice? First of all, don’t panic. Don’t try to climb out… you’ll probably just break the ice again. Lay both arms on the unbroken ice and kick hard. Spread your weight out on the ice as far as you can. Once you get up on the ice enough, roll to safety… don’t try to stand.

fall through the ice 2

Of course you should make sure you always have another person nearby (although not right next to you). What if you see a friend go in?

If you see someone break through the ice on a lake, lie down on the ice, and reach out with a branch, a rope or a plank. DO NOT STAND! If there are more people, form a human chain, then wiggle backwards away from the break once you have him. Immediately treat the victim for hypothermia.

And then wait a little longer in the season before you try to go back out on the ice.