As we head into the weekend, very windy conditions will give way to cold air, with scattered snow showers likely in the region through Friday. High temperatures will struggle to get above 40 degrees in Reno and will barely crest the freezing mark at Lake Tahoe. Speaking of the lake, A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect through Friday afternoon, with storm snow totals that could exceed a foot and a half on the pass level, with a few inches likely at lake level. In Reno, it’s unlikely we will get any significant accumulations down here, but isolated slick spots could occur at either commute.

Showers clear up by Saturday as conditions remain cold, and the next shot at some snow showers moves back through the region on Sunday.

Blizzard Iran

The question is often asked, “What was the worst blizzard ever?” This is a pretty tough question to answer, because trying to establish “worst” can mean different things to different people. In terms of human life, the Iran (that’s right… Iran) Blizzard in February 1972 was the deadliest. The region had been in the grips of a four year drought, when a violent blizzard swept through the country for a week, killing approximately 4,000 people.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the U.S..