We have one winter storm to get through before things begin to clear up and warm up for the weekend. Snow showers could leave some minor accumulations in the valley, but should leave messy driving conditions up in the mountains well into Thursday night. High temperatures will drop to the low 40s in the valley, remain there through Friday, and then warm back up into the 50s over the weekend.

Winds will drop off a bit on Thursday, although they will remain brisk, and then should calm further over the weekend.

Total snow accumulations will range from less than an inch in the lower valleys, up to a few inches in the foothills and surrounding valleys, several inches at the Lake, and one to two feet in the upper elevations of the Sierra.

blood moon

We have an interesting lunar phenomenon coming our way next week…a Blue Blood Super Moon. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been able to string those moon descriptors together before. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what it all means, and when you can see it.