We are entering into a very challenging forecast period…not that the forecast itself is very challenging, it very simple. The challenging part will be to come up with new ways of saying dry and warm for the next couple of weeks. A very strong ridge of high pressure will plant itself across the west coast, and as for now, it doesn’t look like it will move appreciable for over a week. High temperatures will climb to the 60s Tuesday and will likely stay near the 60 degree mark through the rest of the week, with at most occasional cloudiness.


When last we met, I mentioned that because Virginia City sits on the side of a mountain, it is often much warmer at night than down here in the valley, even though we are we are over 1,000’ lower in elevation. There are exceptions to that rule. If we have a storm coming through at night that keeps us cloudy (kind of important) and windy (very important), the atmosphere stays “mixed” and the temperature profile is what you might expect: Colder the higher you go.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some other examples.