As has been the case, there is still no sign that the dry weather will end anytime soon. A warm ridge of high pressure will boost our Thursday high temperature to a forecast record level of 68 degrees. This will be accompanied by variable amounts of cloudiness (sans precipitation) on Thursday, but those clouds will clear out by Friday, and mostly sunny skies will stay with us through the weekend and well into next week. High temperatures will also stay in the mid to upper 60s throughout.

Reno Avg Temp

Our record temperatures notwithstanding, we are just beginning to climb out of the depths of the lowest average temperatures, which occur in the first week of January. And while it may seem an obvious question, many are still a little confused as to why we change seasons.

I’ll start by saying what doesn’t cause the change of seasons. We aren’t coldest this time of year because we are farthest from the sun. In fact, the earth was at its closest point to the sun less than two weeks ago. (Interestingly enough, the earth will reach its farthest point from the sun on the 4th of July.) So if it isn’t proximity to the sun that makes the difference, what does? I’ll tell you tomorrow.