Still no real changes in the overall forecast for the next week (or more) as the ridge of high pressure will stay put across the western side of the lower 48 states, and it now appears like the cloud line will move well to our north as well, keeping our skies sunny and our temperatures warm. Highs will stay in the 60s for the foreseeable future, foreseeable meaning at least the next week.

Seasonal tilt

Yesterday I mentioned that we aren’t colder in the winter because we are farther from the sun (in fact, we are closer to the sun during our winter vs our summer.) The reason we are colder is, as most of you know, because of the tilt of the earth. The earth tilts 23 degrees on its axis, and that angle doesn’t change as we orbit around the sun. So in the winter we are tilted away from the sun, shortening our days and limiting how much daily warming we get. The earth tilts the northern hemisphere toward the sun in the summer and away from the sun in the winter, capturing more and less heat and energy respectively.

So why is it colder the higher up in the atmosphere you go? I’ll tell you that tomorrow.