It looks like the long dry spell will continue through this week at least. The ridge of high pressure off the west coast will continue to strengthen, keeping us sunny throughout the rest of the work week. High temperatures will start near 60 on Tuesday and rise to the mid-60s by Friday. The ridge will shift offshore just a bit over the weekend, which will allow some cooler air to carve back in on the backside of the ridge, dropping our highs back into the 50s and bringing in some clouds. It’s not impossible that it could bring some valley showers, but the odds of that happening this far to the west are slight.


If you think it’s been dry, Steve agrees. He recently moved back to Reno from Las Vegas. “Upon moving back to Reno, I noticed my skin started to “crack” and a couple of minor nosebleeds. I said to myself, “There ain’t no way it could be drier here than the ……”desert”. But apparently it is MUCH drier? Less humidity? How is this possible?”

How is it possible? I’ll tell you tomorrow.