While there is no single storm headed our way, the temperatures will roller-coaster somewhat over the next week. After a cold front passes through the area Wednesday night, Thursday will clear out and cool down to the mid-40s. The ridge of high pressure builds back in Friday and Saturday, bumping the high back to the 60 degree mark. Another cold and mostly dry low drops back down late Sunday into Monday, bringing at most some isolated snow and dropping the highs all the way down into the 30s on Monday and Tuesday.

Earth wind patterns, artwork

Joe wondered if the landmasses in the southern hemisphere affected their jet streams. It’s kind of hard to answer that in real simple terms, because if you really want to get down to brass tax, anything anywhere that touches air can have some effect on the chaotic system that is the atmosphere. “If a butterfly in Tokyo flaps its wings, it can cause rain a week later in New York” is an old adage that at least holds some truth in theory, if not being absolutely provable. Having said that, landmasses do have a limited effect on jet streams. I’ll tell you how tomorrow.