Temperatures will warm up quickly over the next couple of days as a ridge of high pressure moves into the area… but then they will fall even quicker as we head into the end of the weekend and the first of next. Sunshine Friday and Saturday will be accompanied by highs in the 50s to low 60s, but the cold front coming in Sunday will drop temperatures back into the 40s, and then plunge all the way into the 30s Monday and Tuesday with a slight chance of some light snow Sunday and Monday. Things stay relatively cool through the rest of the week.

hadley ferrel polar cells

Does land affect jet streams? Land receives and releases heat from the sun more rapidly than the oceans do, and therefore the vertical convective air currents (called Hadley, Ferrel and Polar Cells) which on a large scale help form somewhat stable weather patterns will have differing strengths over the oceans versus over continents. The continents can have an effect on the positioning of large scale persistent weather patterns, which also help determine the strength and position of the jet streams. But in terms of direct interaction between land and jet streams, there’s very little. Since the jet stream is usually found above 25,000’ of elevation, you’d have to get to the Himalayas before the land has any real touch on the jet.