While I don’t see a real wet storm in the short term, we should be able to squeeze some more snow out of the weather before we say goodbye to February. Another low pressure center will drop down out of the north, bringing some more light to moderate snow to the region late Wednesday through Thursday. Temperatures will nudge upward into the low 40s Wednesday, but will still remain well below average. After a drying out over the weekend, another trough of low pressure brings scattered snow back early next week.

Radiation 2

While warm air can heat you up by conduction, the sun is a lot more efficient at transferring energy to your skin by radiation. Radiation from the sun travels through air relatively unscathed (the air only absorbs a minor amount of the sun’s radiation), and when it hits you, it excites the molecules of your skin, generating heat. That’s why you feel so much hotter if you are in direct sunlight as opposed to being in the shade. Even though it may not seem like it, if you measure the air temperature in and out of the sun, there’s almost no difference. You may disagree with that. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.