We have a little break in the action for Friday as the atmospheric river storm moves to the south, and we wait for a colder winter type of storm to move through the region starting early Saturday morning. This next storm won’t be as wet as the one we’ve just experienced, but snow levels will drop to the valley floor, and some minor accumulations could occur down here. The passes are likely to see more significant snow, and chain controls are likely on Saturday for those making the trip over the hill. A few lingering snow showers Sunday morning will finally give way to a drier and warmer pattern next week.

Space Weather Satellite shot

Jerry asked: “How far west do you look to get a handle on upcoming weather? I remember either reading or hearing you mention something about Siberia once but I don’t remember the context. It does appear, however, that as weather moves east the highs and lows don’t disappear they just sort of dance around each other. So it seems reasonable that looking west like at China, Mongolia, Russia, and looking at their stuff you might see trends like hotter, colder, etc. soon to be in our back yard.”

I’ll tackle his question tomorrow.