While I don’t expect to see any huge amounts of rain and/or snow this week, some showers are in the forecast, and they will help usher in some very strong winds this week. A Winds Advisory goes into effect Tuesday morning and will remain until 11 pm Wednesday. Valley winds in the valley will run between 20-30 mph in the afternoon, and you can expect gusts in the 50+ range. Temperatures will be quite warm before the front, topping out in the low 70s Tuesday, falling to the mid-60s Wednesday before crashing to the 40s on Thursday.

With all that wind, precipitation will have a tough time getting over the mountains, but we do have a chance of seeing some showers starting Wednesday and possible lasting into Thursday morning. Snow levels will start over 8,000’ Late Tuesday, and will fall to the valley floors early Thursday. Significant valley accumulation isn’t expected, but a dusting could cover the foothills by early Thursday. Conditions should clear out by Friday, and temperatures will rise to the 60s on Friday and back to near 70 degrees by Saturday. The next storm system will move in late Sunday into Monday.