We have one last weak storm system to pass through the region before we finally get to enjoy some warm spring temperatures. A cold front will move through the Reno area early Thursday morning, bringing scattered rain or snow showers (with little to no accumulations). High temperatures will be in the mid-50s. Skies will clear on Friday and high temperatures will rise to the 70s.

Speed of light

Bob asks: “Theoretically, if a vehicle travelling at night with its headlights on were to approach the speed of light, what would happen to the light beam? If it was already travelling at the speed of light and then turned on the headlights, would there even be a beam of light or would the headlamps just glow? As you can see, I’ve got way too much time on my hands.”


Bob asks the question that has been posed many times before, and as they say, the answer is “relative.” Once you approach the speed of light, time starts to change, and that then changes the definition of “speed”. But let’s for the sake of argument pretend you get your Chevy up to the speed of light (using up more energy than there is in the universe, but we’ll ignore that for now.) What happens? I’ll tackle that tomorrow.