Spring-like weather will return to the area as we head into one of the warmest weekends we’ve seen yet this year. A ridge of high pressure will build in and stay through at least the middle of next week. High temperatures will rise to around 70 on Friday and then get near 80 over the weekend. Temperatures stay in the 70s well into next week.


So let’s stay you can get your car up to the speed of light. Flip on the lights. Would the light go “faster” than the car… and thus faster than the… well… the speed of light?

It’s comforting to know that even Einstein struggled with this concept prior to coming up with his theory of Special Relativity. But he discovered that time and space are not absolutes, and therefore the answer depends on your point of reference. If you are travelling inside the car, the lights will “beam out” at the speed of light from your frame of reference. But anything they shine on (including an observer) will look very different, thanks to a huge Doppler Shift, rendering it invisible to the human eye. So theoretically, an observer outside the car couldn’t see the car, and an observer inside the car couldn’t see anyone it was driving by because the Doppler shift would change the visible light into wavelengths beyond ultraviolet.

Speed of light