Things will continue to heat up for the first half of the week. Look for high temperatures to climb into the upper 70s Tuesday and we ought to break the 80 degree mark for the first time this year on Wednesday and Thursday. That heat will likely cause some afternoon cloudiness, but for the next couple of days, it’s unlikely we will get any showers out of them. As we head to the last part of the week, a weak low pressure center off the California coast will bring in a weak southerly flow which could stir up a few afternoon thunderstorms. As the low moves onshore over the weekend, temperatures will fall back a little cooler than average in the lower 60s.

nosebleed (1)

Charles had a question that comes up a lot around here: “Why do the conditions from January through March cause so many nosebleeds? I personally have had four episodes in this period and have tried getting answers from my Doctor but he is not inclined to spend any time dealing with this question. Appreciate any input that you may be able to provide.”

Sorry about the nosebleeds Charles, but there is a reason. I’ll fill you in tomorrow.