While I don’t see a return of winter weather to the region, we do have some possible storms moving back to the region as we head to the weekend. A weak low pressure center will approach the California coast, initially drawing up a warm southerly flow that will result in high temperatures in the 80s Wednesday and Thursday, along with a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms, mainly on Thursday. After a bit of a break on Friday, the low itself moves onshore Saturday and Sunday, dropping our highs back into the 60s with a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms.

nosebleed (1)

So why are nosebleeds more common here in the winter than the summer? The air in the winter months is generally much drier than during the summer. Colder air typically doesn’t contain as much water vapor as warm air. The dew point can never be greater than the temperature, and if the temperatures are lower, so are the dewpoints. When you take air that is cold and dry (outside) and heat it up (inside) then the relative humidity gets even lower. That very dry air is irritating to the nasal passages, and that is the reason for the nosebleeds.