A slow moving low pressure system will keep us cool and unsettled for another day before it finally moves out and we will start to see more sunshine and warmer temperatures. For Tuesday, expect the mercury to stop in the upper 50s to lower 60s with scattered mainly morning rain showers. Snow levels will likely be in the 6,500-7,000’ elevation, and total snowfall amounts above that height will likely not exceed a couple of inches, and impacts on travel should be relatively minor.

As we head into Wednesday, a ridge of high pressure will start to build into the region, and temperatures will respond accordingly. Highs will rise to the upper 60s Wednesday, the upper 70s on Thursday and should peak at near 80 degrees by Friday.

Oxygen Bottle

Steve sent me the following: “I have an oxygen problem… not inhaling enough. I bought an oximeter (it measures oxygen in the blood.) One’s oxygen percentage should be at least 90 (out of 100). Mine sometimes drops to 75 (not good). I am sleeping with oxygen. Waking up it is 95. When I was in California at sea level it read 97! I am wondering about how much oxygen there is at different elevations of altitude.”

The altitude could have an effect. I’ll answer his question tomorrow.