We have a warmer pattern emerging across western Nevada as the chilly low pressure center that brought us our last little bit of unsettled weather moves well to the east and a stronger ridge of high pressure builds into the region. Look for sunny skies Wednesday and Thursday with high temperatures climbing into the upper 60s Wednesday and then to the upper 70s by Thursday. Highs will peak in the low 80s by the weekend with a few afternoon clouds, but no likely precipitation.


Yesterday, Steve wondered how much difference our elevation made in terms of the oxygen content, since he was having some issues with his oxygen levels in his blood were low. It certainly can be the elevation. We have about 15% less oxygen here at our elevation than at sea level. I am not sure exactly what that might mean to Steve’s blood oxygen levels, but I imagine it could affect them pretty drastically. The air here is also very dry, and that might make some difference in how people’s lungs react, especially if you have asthma.