It looks like the warm temperatures will be around for the next week, with just some little wobbles in high temperatures and overall cloudiness. For Friday and Saturday, looks for the high to reach the low 80s with some mainly afternoon cloudiness, with light morning winds followed by some afternoon Washoe Zephyr winds in the 10-15 mph range. On Sunday, a weak low pressure center passes by our north, with will probably cool us slightly into the upper 70s with some extra cloudiness, but by the first of next week, we should climb back into the 80s.

Thermometer 1

Randy wondered: “How are average temperatures computed? Is a daily high temperature the last 20 years of daily high readings on the date, or is the average reset once a year or some other period?”

Locally, the National Weather Service uses a 30 year rolling average, but those figures are only updated once every decade, at the end of every decade. So those averages are set and won’t change for 10 years. Since our national database hasn’t been updated since 2010, in essence we are really operating through the end of this year with 38 year old data.