The heat will continue to stick around through the next week or so, with some minor variations. On Saturday, variable amounts of high to mid-level cloudiness will climb up over the ridge of high pressure, but the ridge itself will be strong enough to not only keep us dry but quite warm as well, with valley highs once again finishing near the low 80s. On Sunday, a very weak cold front will pass through, but its effect will be mild, only dropping our high temperatures a few degrees back into the upper 70s. Temperatures will climb back into the 80s by the beginning of the work week.

Snowflake large

Ray had this question: “Mike, I’d like to know when during the spring/summer would be the latest possible measureable snow storm here, so what was the latest date for a measurable snow storm in Reno?”

Contrary to public belief (and I know I will get e-mail from those who insist that it has snowed on the 4th of July here), there has never been snow recorded at the official Reno reporting site (the airport) in either July or August. There was measureable snow (0.2”) twice in June (I don’t know the days of the month, but I assume they were early in the month) back in 1970 and 1995, and they have recorded trace amounts about a dozen other times in June.