After a record-setting Tuesday, high temperatures will moderate a bit, but will still stay at or above average levels through the next week. A sunny Wednesday morning will give way to a few afternoon clouds (a pattern that will likely be repeated a lot for the next week), and high temperatures will drop to the low 80s through Thursday. A dry cold front moves in by early Friday, dropping our highs back to the low 70s or upper 60s through the weekend, with variable cloudiness but no precipitation.

Days of the Week

So does the day of the week influence the weather? I was ready to pooh-pooh the very thought (and I still might), before reader Bill Moriarty threw his own monkey wrench into the works. He sent me a copy of an article from the magazine “Family Motor Coaching”, which quotes a study done by Dr. David M. Schultz of the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma. He actually did a study to try and solve the question: “Does it really rain more on the weekends than it does during the weekdays?” I decided that I’d better research his research.

I’ll do that tomorrow.