A Low pressure center will hang out around the region for the better part of the next week, giving us a chance of scattered showers and mainly afternoon thundershowers into the weekend. Temperatures will range from the mid to lower 70s, cooling slightly as we go into the weekend. Conditions begin to dry out and stabilize by the end of the weekend and we should start to see some warmer temperatures and sunnier skies toward the end of the Memorial Day Weekend.

Rain over Reno

You might recall I wrote a column on whether there’s any statistically significant difference on the rainfall amounts during the weekends versus the work days. (In a word… no.) Years ago I received a note from Regina from Weatherbill, a San Francisco company which sold “contracts” to insure against adverse weather. (They have since changed their name to “The Climate Corporation.”) She added some interesting research Weatherbill had performed.

In the course of their business, they had a team of mathematicians who go nuts over weather minutiae. She passed along a document which answers the time honored question: Just what is the rainiest city in the United States?

Tomorrow I’ll pass it along.