A couple of persistent low pressure centers will keep us unsettled into the start of the Memorial Day Weekend. For Wednesday and Thursday, the back side of an exiting low will give us seasonably warm temperatures with mainly afternoon thunderstorms. On Friday, a new low digs into the west coast, bringing another round of showers through Saturday and dropping temperatures down into the lower 60s before we see a drying and warming trend that will put us back up into the 70s for Sunday and Monday.


So just what is the rainiest city in the United States? For the purposes of this, I’m just taking cities with populations of 100,000 or more.

Most people have their preconceived answers to that question. Seattle? Wrong. It doesn’t even make the top ten. (The Emerald City actually ranks 41st in the country.) Portland? Not even close. It comes in 42nd place.

Believe it or not, the rainiest city in the United States is Mobile, Alabama. Mobile averages about five feet (67 inches to be exact) of rainfall every year. Seattle and Portland limp in at about three feet of rain (36 inches and change). What about the rest of the top 10? The results may surprise you.

After Mobile, you have: Pensacola, FL, New Orleans, LA, West Palm Beach, FL, Lafayette, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Miami, FL, Port Arthur, TX, Tallahassee, FL. and Lake Charles, LA round out the list.



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