For those of you wondering when we might get back to some more seasonable (and even summery) conditions, take heart… they are coming. But we will have to get through one more chilly low pressure system as we head into the holiday weekend. Afternoon thunderstorms will likely return Thursday afternoon, and it has the potential for some of those to be strong, possibly even severe. High temperatures ahead of the next low will remain in the upper 70s Thursday, before dropping to the lower 60s on Friday. Rain on Friday is likely, and although amounts could be significant, there will probably be a little less lightning and thunderstorm activity with that system.

Saturday could see some residual rain showers with cool conditions remaining, before things start to warm up and dry out as we head into Sunday. Look for high temperatures to climb back into the mid-70s on Sunday and then reach about 80 degrees on Memorial Day Monday.

Highs should stay in the low 80s at least through the middle of next week.