We have a weak low pressure trough that will move through the region Wednesday and Thursday, which will be felt a couple of different ways. First off, winds will pick up in the afternoons, gusting as high as 35 mph or more in the western valleys both days. High temperatures will fall to the lower 80s Wednesday and then drop another 10 degrees or so to the low 70s on Thursday. After the trough passes, temperatures will rebound and the skies will clear out, with highs near 80 on Friday and well into the 80s through the weekend.

A plume of ash rises from Kilauea Volcano, one of five on the island, after a series of earthquakes over the last couple of days, in Hawaii

Whenever we get any weather considered “out of the ordinary,” (and we get that around here enough that it’s not all that out of the ordinary), there is a natural tendency to look for some reason other than natural variations in the weather pattern to explain what’s going on. This month’s wet pattern is a great example of that. While we have certainly had a wet month (1.82” so far), it’s certainly not unheard of…not even ranking in the top 5 wettest Mays. But I have had several people write me asking why I haven’t made the connection between our wild weather and the Hawaiian volcanic eruptions. The simple reason is there is no connection.

I’ll explain why tomorrow.