A dry week ahead will only be broken up by occasional clouds and afternoon breezes. Tuesday should stay sunny with the high temperature only cooling a few degrees, but will still finish well up in the 80s. That basic pattern will last into the weekend, with a slight cooling to the lower 80s by then, but no real chance of showers in sight.

Barometer 2

On my last post, I discussed the possible reasons why those who suffer from arthritis hurt with the approach of a storm system, and changes in pressure could be a factor. So if that is a factor, where in the US can you find the most stable barometric conditions? There are no specific records that I know of that tracks that kind of thing, but you do tend to get the largest barometric pressure swings in the mid-latitudes, and less as you go toward the tropics. Hawaii, using those criteria, would probably be the best choice, but barring that you are probably looking at Florida… and hope that you avoid the odd hurricane or two. If nothing else, the warmer temperatures would likely alleviate some arthritic discomfort.