We have jumped right into some mid-summer temperatures as we move into the first half of the week. Highs will reach the low 90s on Tuesday and climb into the mid-90s on Wednesday before a trough of low pressure drops close enough by the end of the work week to slide temperatures back to more seasonal realms. The airmass should stay quite stable throughout the week, so mostly sunny skies (with a few afternoon cumulus clouds) and dry conditions should prevail through the week. Winds could pick up by Friday enough to create a fire hazard.

Barometer 2

Earlier I talked about the need to calibrate your barometer to correct it for your elevation. This is critical, because the value of knowing the air pressure is to see how it varies horizontally from one location to another. Those changes in pressure are very subtle when compared to changes in air pressure as you go up or down in elevation, so if you don’t correct for the elevation, you will get meaningless pressure information insofar as it having any meteorological value.