We have some “typical” early July days coming our way with seasonably warm temperatures (low 90s) and mostly sunny skies. A trough of low pressure up off the Pacific Northwest coast will keep us in a dry and stable pattern through Friday. As that trough moves out over the weekend, a quick warming trend should send the mercury up to if not over the 100 degree mark by Sunday. The skies will remain mostly clear, with the exception of some mid to high clouds passing over on Friday, but don’t be surprised to see some last afternoon cumulus clouds come in with the high temperatures over the weekend.

Radio Dial Night

A reader asks: “Here’s something that has always puzzled me. How come I can hear so many more radio stations at night than I can during the day time? Are there just a lot more on the air then, or do they turn up their power, or is there some other explanation?”

No, no, and yes to your questions, in that order.  There aren’t more stations on late at night. In fact, many sign off during the late hours. As for power, there are many radio stations that are required to turn DOWN their power at night. I’ll explain what is happening tomorrow.