The outlook for the next week is fairly simple: dry and warm. A strong ridge of high pressure will still allow a stabilizing westerly flow to keep our skies clear and move any thunderstorms well to our east. Varying amounts of haze and smoke will still drift through the region, but the concentration of that will depend in large part on the progress or lack thereof on the fires that are burning in the area. High temperatures will range from the mid to upper 90s throughout the weekend.

Reno Aerial Photo

“So, I understand that the airport is considered the ‘official’ point for measuring temperature and elevation in the Reno area, but what is the actual lowest point of the Truckee Meadows?”

Well, I’m not sure that any spot has been officially designated at the lowest, but if you think about it, you should be able to figure it out by looking at drainages. The lowest spot will always be where the water that flows into valley leaves the valley, unless it’s a closed basin, which usually ends up being a lake. And since the Truckee River is the backbone of our drainage in the basin, the lowest spot must be at the river where it leaves the Truckee Meadows, near the Vista Exit on I-80.

Since this column is read by many outside of the Reno area, you can use the same logic to find your own low spot.