A dry forecast will continue through the next week, with temperatures remaining in the “5-8 degrees above average” range. A steady westerly flow will keep our atmosphere stable enough to alleviate any concerns from thunderstorms, with mostly sunny skies the result over Reno. It will also likely help along afternoon west winds that could gust to around 30 mph in the wind prone areas through the weekend.


“You may have answered this before, but where is the official weather monitoring station at the airport, out in the middle of the runways somewhere or nestled up against the north end of the terminals or ???”

Reno ASOS Location

The official Reno Temperature is now taken in between the runways near the north end of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. It has been at the airport since the 1940s, but until 1995 was located outside the old National Weather Service offices. When the weather station became automated (ASOS) in 1995, it was moved to the south end of the airport (where overnight low temperatures were much cooler.) After a couple of years it was moved to its present location. It’s a big reason why our low temperatures are trending so warm over the last 12 years, and it highlights a challenge in getting consistent temperature records for climate purposes.