The dry and sunny weather should continue through the rest of the week, and we will probably add to the record setting number of days we have broken the 90 degree mark (52 days and counting,) although we could get close to dropping below that mark as high temperatures are expected to barely top the 90 degree mark all week long. Otherwise, sunny skies with moderately breezy afternoons will stay with us through the weekend.

Reno ASOS Location

Lest anyone think that there isn’t an enhanced Urban Heat Island Effect around the airport, all one need do is change their mode of transportation. Here’s an example: I often drive home at night on a motorcycle, and I start right next to the airport. On the way home (a 15 minute trip) I pass by a small field, and the temperature difference often hits me like a hammer… easily dropping 10 degrees in the space of a few hundred feet. It’s quite startling, and it’s a reminder of how cool the airport used to be.