The first widespread killing freeze of the season will occur Monday morning after a cool northerly flow left a cold airmass across western Nevada. Skies will remain sunny across the region for the next week, with a slow but steady warming trend occurring for the rest of the work week. Low temperatures will range from the upper 20s at the Reno airport to as low as the upper teens in some of the coldest outlying microclimates. High temperatures will start in the low 60s Monday and will warm into the low 70s by the latter half of the week.

Frozen sprinklers

The question that is always asked at this time is should I shut off my sprinklers. It really depends on how “freeze-proof” your irrigation system is. Most modern systems can withstand a few sub-freezing nights without any damage (I’ll leave it up to you to decide how freeze resistant your system is.) And with an extended forecast that looks very dry, if yours can survive a few nights in the 20s, I’d keep it active. But is certainly is time to cut back on the amount of water you are using, and do remember to disconnect your hoses from the bibs so that the faucets drain completely.