This will be an unsettled weather week, with occasional valley rain and mountain snow and rain. Snow levels will stay well above the valley floor through Thursday, and would even pop above Lake Tahoe a bit here and there, before dropping back to the valley floor by Friday. The mountains do have a Winter Weather Advisory posted starting 10 pm Tuesday which will run through noon on Thursday. It’s a fairly warm storm, so the snow will be wet and heavy.
In the valley, there will be fairly significant shadowing occurring, but some locations could still see several tenths of an inch of rainfall over the next few days. High temperatures stay in the low 50s through Thursday before dropping to the low 40s on Friday, at which time some snow could reach the valley floor, although I don’t expect heavy accumulations all the way down here. Through the course of the week the mountains could pile up anywhere from a few inches at the Lake to two or more feet along the crest of the Sierra.